Jopen Vibrator Video Gallery

Jopen Vibrator Vanity series is a new line of twelve luxury vibrators, each of which uniquely encourages the exploration of your most intimate fantasies. Each of the twelve models in the Vanity Vibrator series combines form, function and fantasy, providing you with the most exquisite opportunity for orgasmic pleasure that you may ever experience. Sleek and luxurious, Vanity Vibrators bring a much-needed air of sophistication to personal pleasure.

A middle-aged stay-at-home mother talks about how much more amazing her sex life is (and her husband's!) after using the Intensity Jopen Vibrator and Kegel exerciser. She refers to the sensations she gets from Intensity as "the best orgasm I've had in life!"

Vr1 Vanity Vibrator is a rabbit vibrator and Kegel exerciser. Your vaginal contractions will activate the Vr1's motor, so each Kegel exercise is rewarded with a vibration!

Vanity Vr2 Vibrator features two strong motors that vibrate at either end.

Jopen Intensity is a powerful vibrator and kegel exerciser.