Jopen Intensity Vibrators

Vibrator success stories pour out of the Jopen newsroom! After the Vanity Vibrator series of twelve luxury vibrators, Jopen Vibrators introduces a revolution in women’s pleasure and health: Intensity by Jopen. Intensity is both a powerful rabbit vibrator and a Kegel exerciser in one, so instead of devoting special time to working out your Kegels, you can experience intense pleasure and orgasms like you’ve never experienced before, all while increasing your ability to have intense orgasms in the first place! Intensity is Jopen’s newest and most sophisticated vibrator. The Jopen Intensity is a powerful vibrator and kegel exerciser designed to aid women who wish to increase orgasm intensity, increase sexual desire and enjoyment, tighten her vagina, stop urinary incontinence and enjoy the revolution in women’s pleasure and health. A middle-aged stay-at-home mother–and Jopen Intensity user–talks about how much more amazing her sex life is (and her husband’s!) after using theIntensity Jopen Vibrator and Kegel exerciser. She refers to the sensations she gets from Intensity as “the best orgasm I’ve had in life!”


Jopen vibrators retailer is now offering Intensity for the lowest price on the web. Here’s what you get: Intensity vibrator and Kegel exerciser for just $179.99. That’s the lowest price the Jopen Intensity is available on the internet!